The folk costume is an integral part of Polish folklore. Characteristic for the region has become a showcase of every rich host. He was a source of pride, treated with due respect, sometimes passed down from generation to generation became known folk relics. It said everything about the site, its traditions and household of. It was a determinant of identity and belonging settlers to the region. Assumed only on important occasions, became a symbol of dignified and solemn ceremony. It delighted above all a riot of ornaments and designs. Beautiful embroidery, openwork lace and intricate jewelery was permitted only for the rich. This was in fact symbolize glamor, wealth but also the divinity and dignity.
POLISH MADONNAS 1„Madonna from Cracow” 2011, oil on canvas, 120x80cm

POLISH MADONNAS 2„Madonna from Kurpie” 2011, oil on canvas, 120x80cm

POLISH MADONNAS 3„Madonna from Łowicz” 2011, oil on canvas, 120x80cm

My work focuses on ornamentation costumes so that they resembled dresses „founded” on the holy icons. Figures presented in a static, central, with a serious expression on his face as well as the icons. Only gestures betray emotions form. All three gestures are taken from icons and thoroughly with Marian performances. My series is a series of Polish Madonnas-ordinary women dressed in festive costumes become goddesses our Polish Mothers of God.
The series consists of three images-three Madonnas from different regions of Polish blue-region-Krakow (Cracow ornament inspired embroidery), green-region Łowicki (łowicki inspired ornament cutouts) and red-region Kurpian (Kurpie inspired ornament cut-outs called „leluje”)